Yup, I’m a racist’ t-shirts sold at Lexington’s July 4th Festival

At least now we can recognize them. Where are their formal white hoods?
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G. Skilling – Louisville Independent Examiner

In the age of Twitter news travels fast. So when I heard that there were people at the Lexington July 4th Festival selling t-shirts with the slogan, “Yup, I’m a racist” emblazoned on the front, I just had to see for myself. So I jumped in the car with my trusty video camera in hand, and drove down to the festival. It was not long before I found what I was searching for.

In an earlier piece, I took a stand against those who would use patriotism for personal or political gain. The folks in front of the Fayette County Courthouse in Lexington, Kentucky took pimping patriotism a disturbing step farther. Not only were they promoting themselves as defenders of the Constitution, they openly fueled the right-wing paranoia that inches ever closer to violence.

I apologize for the quality of the video. I held the camera in open view at chest level in order to look the people I was speaking to in the eye. The conversations were revealing, some of the video a bit shaky.

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