The NeoRacist Arrogance of Those who Support the Haitian Kidnappers

A facebook ex-friend of mine responded to my anger about the Haitian kidnapping story a follows:

I am sure that you are a very wonderful person, however, due to our very radically different political and biblical views as well as world views… I must let your “friendship” go as I see that other than the LUPUS factor we have nothing in common… I wish you only the best.

My response was ae follows: Actually I would like to continue a dialogue. If you can see the fact that I have the right to have these views we have an opportunity to bridge a gap. I do not thnk that you know much about the history of Haiti or Haitian culture to really understand why this is deeply offensive to people of color. Afro-Dyasporic families are different from … See MoreEuropean families. First of all extended family is a primary cultural institution, much like the idea of nuclear family is to white Americans. Just because a child is in an orphanage does not mean that they have no family. In Caribbean culture the word orphan is rarely used because even if you have in an orphanage there is an relative or family friend trying to get you out. That is why the Haitian government is taking this so seriously.
Christianity goes hand in hand with slavery and colonialism. Missionaries came to Africa to to save to savage soul of Africans, just as Islamic jihad sought to distroy African culture (Islam was much less successful). Before African Americans created our own emancipatory version of Christianity, we were told to be good slaves to get into heaven. Haitians practice a synthetic religion they are Catholic and practice traditional African religious practices to varying extents.These so called Christians think that Haitian Christian children needs saving smacks of the same deeply racially ignorant diatribe from Pat Robertson. Besides I have fibromyaligia not Lupus, can you see how dangerous assumptions can be?

She did not even read my response. By this groups own manifesto, they planned to adopt these children to white American bible thumpers. One of the problems with neo-racists is that they have very little knowledge about black people and are too arrogant to enter into a conversation that might inform them of historical and cultural facts beyond narrow stereotypes. We need more of what Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder calls “irresponsible white people.” Those who are willing to explore the idea that blacks do have reasons for their points of view and are willing to have a ongoing discourse about race, instead of arrogantly stating that they know best. White folks who will actually rebuke their friends when they use racist or sexist language and actually have more than one or two black friends. I have always had numerous friends like this, where are the rest who are willing to answer this call?

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