More NeoRacist Biblical Tomfoolery

If you think Pat Roberson is bad, white evangelical Christians from Idaho devised a plot to kidnap children from a Haitian orphanage that they sponsored. In their infinite arrogance they deliberately chose to commit child trafficking for God. These religious wing nuts could not think that these children could still have families in Haiti, the United States and Canada????? They are from Idaho, a state with a history of violent opposition to black settlement back in the day. It is obvious that people from a state with a black population of less than 1% cannot think of these children as people who may have real need and wants especially their own families! The children were crying for their mothers!
Eleven o’clock on a Sunday is the most segregated hour in America and  most white Evangelical churches are steeped in biblical racism. The idea that you have got to save the poor ignorant primitives is older that slavery and colonialism and is apparently live and well the viewers of CBN and their cohorts. Here is a link to the *.pdf that outlines their plan with accommodations for future adoptive parents and no resources dedicated to seeing if these children have families of their own. A primary racial conceit is that black people around the world have no valuable culture and that are ways of living only result in criminality, imorrality  and dysfunction. Although African diaspora culture has many similarities we are also very different. The extended family is a primary institution in Caribbean and African cultures. In America mainstream culture and politics deems this family structure as abnormal. Orphanages in Haiti are like foster care is supposed to be in America, temporary ! You cannot just wisk children away from their families when you don’t even respect what their definition of family is! Govenor Rendel broke to law when he took kids who were not fully vetted out of the country. The cultural and racial arrogance that a nascent trend like this portends is ungodly. CNN has reported that 10 0f the 33 children had families. The arrogant, insanity of these people continues to unfold.


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