The Racial Arrogance of Pat Robinson

Televangelist Pat Robinson has stated that Haiti’s natural disasters, poverty and political turmoil is due the fact that enslaved Africans made a pact with the devil in order to win their freedom from the French.  This makes me nauseous on several levels. This man knows nothing about Haitian history but feel his whiteness  and evangelical Christianity makes him an expert on the country. Robinson talks like Caribbean slavery, which was even more inhumane than American slavery was a walk in the park and these men and women had no real reason to rebel. Haiti is 80% Catholic and Voudoo is not devil worship. Voudoo is a syncretic religion, combination of Christianity and traditional Western African religions. He sounds like a European conquer who sites the reason slavery and Jim Crow are “natural” because Africans are “savage” and “primitive.” There are many diverse ways that black Americans respond to white racial arrogance, but the response of his black female co-host should have been followed by “yes sireee massa.” Uncle Tom can be female.
Watch this foolishness

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