All About Race: A Response

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I started pursuing my doctoral degree again this September and put blog writing on the back burner. I still get the urge to write, so I am going to try to squeeze some blog entries out since my passion for writing about the multifaceted experience of African Americans and other people of color is unabated.  I am a member of a great blog site called all about race. The wonderful thing about this site is that those who have opinions about black people that are so ensured in white supremacy write regularly about our” defects.”  Here i my recent response to a  Andrew Padula who clearly know more about black people than any African American could possibly fathom.

Statistic: One Man’s Account of D.C. Metro Crime

My Response

I welcome pieces like this on all about race site. I reminds me of the deeply held attitudes that many whites have about blacks. There is a strong tendency by the majority to define behavior that is seen as white as positive and what is negative as black. According to Padula black who dress a clothing that is marketed  to whites wear are good, those who keep quiet are good blacks, those who do not speak standard English all the time are destined to punished. Exactly which one of these young black men were named Spanky. Do you have x-ray vision or psychic powers. That is the only way you could have that this young man had marijuana in his possession and that the “good blacks” supported your behavior.
You are intimating that rudeness and aggressiveness are black traits and if these young me cannot overcome their culture or biology and learn the civility of white Americans they deserve to be jailed or killed. You also note that a majority black judicial system does not have the competence or the character to be unbiased when crimes against white people are committed.The racial narcissism and ignorance in this post is astounding.
I guess the attacks that I and my fellow black students suffered at the hands of whites when we traveled to and from my specialized high school were simply aberrations, where those working class ethic whites simply acting black?

I really think it important for African Americans to respond to this type of racial arrogance. As the African Americans become more frustrated by the economy and the fact that our unemployment is 11/2 times higher than that of white, we must be prepared to face those like Mr. Padula who think that black dysfunction, immorality, inbreed criminality is the only reasons why many of us have been unable to achieve the American dream. Those who think the way he does will stand in the way of changing racist drug laws, providing equal funding for black and Hispanic schools and any effort the Justice department and EEOC will undertake to enforce civil rights laws. Most whites see racists as working class whites like those who killed James Byrd and recently threatened Leonard Pitts and his family. Only a few examine there own psyches and try to root out their own ideas around the superiority of white Americans. These ideas are internalized by the most vulnerable of us, who sometimes see things like education, and code switching as using the tactic of our ancestors to fight racism as “white” when any examination of black history and black culture quickly disabuses these internalized ideas. Black culture has nothing to do with immorality, criminality, indolence and dysfunction and it is vital for to us to reinforce this message in our community.


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