Republican Far Right Rhetoric Inspiring Domestic Terrorism?

A few months ago a state supremacist sympathizer killed three cops in by Pittsburgh, PA. Richard Poplawski was obsessed with the fact that with the idea that President Obama would enact legislation that would take away his arsenal of guns. A week ago a Dr. George Tiller was gunned down in his church by an anti-abortion, ex-militia assassin.  This week, James von Brunn, an ex-con, white supremacist murdered Special Policeman Stephen  T. Johns at the National Holocaust Museum. Von Brunn believed that Obama was not born in the United States. The trauma of 9/11 has led us to forget that one of the largest acts of terrorism in U.S. history was committed a man who read the racist tome, The Turner Diaries. Timothy McVeigh also laid low before his despicable act at a white supremacist compound named Elohim City.

The longest campaign of terrorism was the KKK’s for close to a hundred years. Although the rape, torture and murder of black Americans was their primary goal. Leo Frank, a Jewish immigrant was murdered after his biased conviction of a young Irish American girl. Like blacks, his Judaism was said to drive his so-called deviant sexuality. For decades the NAACP tried to get congress to pass an anti-lynching laws and was turned away year after year.  A bill was never passed. On June 13, 2005, the Senate formally apologized for its failure to enact an anti-lynching bill. Twenty southern senators mostly republican (only one democratic non-signatory) declined to originally cosponsor the resolution. If republicans can still refuse to vote for an anti lynching bill can right wing extremism be far behind?

Last week, Republican die-hards paid to hear Newt Gingrich stated that Barack Obama’s five month presidency has made America “weak.”  The MC of the event John Voight, (yes, Angelina Jolie’s dad) stated that Obama was a “false prophet.” This week Rev of Reverend Wiley Drake exclaimed on Fox Radio that he is actively praying for the death of Obama. Since Glen Beck’s arrived to the FOX he has been propagating an apocalyptic brand of semi-evangelism. He screams that Obama’s policy will bring about the end of America by 2012. The tea parties on tax day was riddled with placards that advocated violence against Obama. Need we forget the crowds at McCain rallys who yelled “kill him”

Domestic terrorism from homegrown radical Islamic extremism have been foiled in the last few weeks, but we cannot say the same for right wing extremism. The idea that these are all lone wolves is ridiculous. The may not have a membership card from The Order or the Christian Identity movement, but they follow their ideals just the same. Gone are the days of the night riders who strung mutilated black bodies from trees, but the idea of more of these despicable attacks continuing is a consideration that should be taken more seriously. It is time that the federal government take these individuals as seriously as those who threaten our country from without.


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