The Scary Black Boogieman Arises Again

It is like watching a scene from 1915 movie  Birth of a Nation. The plot of America’s first blockbuster movie included a scene where a white woman throws herself of a cliff instead of being mauled by a black brute. Her death is one of the reasons that the main character forms the KKK.  Our modern day damsel in distress had to admit that the saga of she and her child been kidnapped by two black male car jackers was a hoax to cover up her alleged theft of $300,000. Bonnie Sweeten planned her trip meticulously. She took cash out of several accounts, talked a co-worker in lending her drivers license, bought plane tickets for her and her daughter under her friend’s name and to tie it all up, she called the police and tearily announced that she and her daughter were kidnapped by two “black thugs” for nefarious purposes.  She was caught in a luxury suite at Disneyland. She faces identity theft, filing a false police report and possible embezzlement charges back in her Philadelphia suburbs.

Sweeten is not the only one in recent history to try to put old chestnut on America. Susan Smith drowned her two young sons so that she could be with her lover. Wife murder Charles Stuart committed suicide before he could discount his claim that a black man killed his pregnant spouse. His lies led to a practical lock down of the community of Roxbury, Boston and the incarceration of an innocent man. Tanya Dacri murdered and dismembered her two month old infant and told the police a black man took her child. Ashley Todd, John McCain campaign volunteer, claimed she was attacked by a black man who carved a B (presumably for Barak) in her face. Her story crumbled quickly but not before McCain’s campaign staff called her with their condolences. Jennifer Wilbanks’ claimed she was kidnapped by a Hispanic man and surprise ……a white women. She faked it to get out of her impending wedding. The Tawana Brawley case is the only nationally covered case where a black teenager accused a group of white men of rape and assault. It was proved to be a hoax.

The proclivity for whites to see blacks as criminals has also penetrated the blue wall of brotherhood. There has been a pattern in New York City of white cops killing black cops since 1940. The latest occurred this week when an off duty cop, Omar Edwards found a burglar ransacking his car. He pulled out his gun and gave chase. Cops from his own precinct saw the chase and when the black patrolman turned to identify himself, he was shot by his colleagues. The death is still under investigation.

Why can’t our cops see blacks as anything but criminals? One of the facts that must be considered is this is how vastly this country is segregated. Cops are allowed to live 100 miles outside New York City boarders. Many cops live in all white enclaves, like the in the movie Copland. They have or want little opportunity to see the diversity of black life. This is 21st century, so why do many whites try to cover their own criminal activities by blaming blacks?  African Americans are visible in all walks of life, and  but in some parts this country cannot resist the siren call of 1915.


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