The Crucifixion of Judge Sotomayor

I am so proud that a Hispanic woman form the Bronx  will be a member of the Supreme Court. Some in the GOP would call me a racist for saying that and they certainly have expressed that sobriquet about Judge Sotomayor along with many other insults. After the praise of her history of working her way through the South Bronx, to Harvard and Yale filled the airwaves, Karl Rove stated ” I know many stupid people who graduated from he ivy league.” Sotomayor has been described as “blunt” and “empathetic” at the same time. Huh? Apparently several of the male judges she worked with call her “nasty” and “difficult.” Could those be code words for the b-word? If she was a man she would have been seen as “forceful.”  I am amazed that they did not call her “spicy”.

Karl Rove, the alleged architect of the plan to fire democratic federal judges during the Bush Administration, stated “Mr. Obama said he wanted to replace Justice David Souter with someone who had “empathy” and who’d temper the court’s decisions with a concern for the downtrodden, the powerless and the voiceless. Empathy is the latest code word for liberal activism.” Why didn’t he just call her a whinny little b-word.

Empathetic, difficult, nasty, but……… racist? I guess using code words to insult her gender along with calling her a racist would liven up the older, white, southern and Midwest voter that is the base of the Republican party. According to Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter and Newt Gingrich she is a reverse racist since she said her experience as a Hispanic woman she could decide cases as good or better that a white man. It is the “better” that sticks in their craw. The idea that a Latina woman could best a white man is a sign of the apocalypse. The idea that people of all colors are exerting their rights  as citizens  and achieving the American dream is an anathema to far right Republicans. These republican pundits are still trying to get used to a black president who has poetry slams in the White House! If your party scarcely has any Hispanics, it would be hard wrap your mind around the fact that a person of color could do a job better than you could.

These isolated, segregated people do not realize that they are now a small portion of the United States and that they cannot win a national political office by excluding people of color from your party. Wikipedia states that, since 1877 there have only been eight Republican congresspeople 0ut of forty-six.  Several of the eight current Hispanic Republican congresspersons are Floridian and agree with their anti- relations- with-Cuba stance.

The WTF moment was when Former Republican Presidential candidate,Tom Trancredo called The National Council of La Raza a “Latino KKK without the hoods or the noose” to CNN anchor Rick Sanchez.  La Rasa is the Hispanic equivalent of the NAACP and Judge Sotomayor is a member. It is a mainstream civil rights organization that is being used to strike fear in the hearts of the Republican base, like the SCLC and NAACP before it. Everything Trancredo said illustrates his ignorance about people of color. His arrogance about his claims is astounding and nullifies those who suffered at the hands of the KKK. He compares a mild mannered Hispanic advocacy group with the one hundred year reign of terror that cost thousands and thousands their lives and property. Is it any surprise that the Republican party will continue their slide to obsolescence?


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