School Vouchers: Yeah or Nay? A response

The only way the we can stop the flow of charter schools is to have a ongoing Civil Rights style campaign until this country fully follows Brown v Bd. of Education. Maybe we should have tea parties and not pay our taxes because our tax dollars are not going to hire and retain gifted teachers but into the hands of private enterprise. Public Schools are again separate but and not equal. The city of Chicago has a lawsuit going to the state courts about the way state school funding is allocated by race. See it at A case just went to the Supreme Court that could overturn federal civil rights laws. It would prohibit any federal legal address around discrimination. States like South Carolina and Texas (who already wants to succeed) would soon follow suit. Everything we have fought for since the voting rights act could be in jeopardy. Just because things have gotten better in the country does not mean our citizenship rights cannot be revoked. Read about it at

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