WHAT the HELL is THIS?????

WHAT the HELL is THIS?????

The New Yorker is an very wealthy very, very elite, magazine of upper class literary culture that has managed to capture all the fears America has about Obama. The magazine did same extremely insulting “satire” in a 1991 when a hassidic jew killed 11 year old Gavin Cato, a West Indian immigrant in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. A Hebrew seminary student was killed in retaliation.

The city was close to exploding and this magazine featured a cover of a black woman and hassidic male engaged in a passionate lip lock. Both sides were deeply offended. As a Caribbean New Yorker, I was livid and scared!!! This is another astounding example of how little mainstream and elite Americans know about the diversity and real culture of the black American community. White arrogance, ignorance and narcissism wrapped up in one repulsive picture.


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