Can’t we all be American???

I had take a break from the news and I admit that I am a cable news junky. I am trying to avoid the demons of CNN, MSNBC and even FOX NEWS. I got tired of all the much ado about nothing, but I had to watch the candidates on the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King. John McCain started his speech admitting that he fought the holiday in his home state of Arizona, the last state to actually institute the holiday. Of course this elicited boos from the crowd, who had assembled in the rain at Lorraine Motel. After this statement he did not discuss how he changed, he stated he was just slow. I  thought that how McCain  came to see King as a national hero who  gave his life in the fight to make America to accept that Negroes deserved constitutional rights would have made a great speech. But nah, he did not do that. He delivered a message on how Christian King was. It began to rise to the level of a sermon and some of the folks began to respond in the black church tradition of call and response. McCain seemed so  rattled by the audience participation that he rushed the  speech. He had a chance to make an inroad into the black community, but he said nothing about the “peculiar institutions” of slavery, Jim Crow or institutional racism. It was just bizarre. If the fact that Martin Luther King was a good Christian, was all McCain could dredge up then he is still very very slow.

Barack Obama hit one one out of the park. He did not dredge up the the footage of the 1963 “I have a Dream Speech.” Obama evoked the King who was assassinated, a man who had spoke out against the Vietnam war, and was fighting for economic parity. He talked about a man who was tired and hated by the country he wanted to bring closer to the “more perfect union.”

Tonight is the Pennsylvania primary and I have stayed away from the news for the past two weeks. I lived in Philadelphia  for eight years and I cannot recognize the state I lived in. Eight years of compassionate conservativism had take a large toll on the state, black and white alike. Those who want to continue this era are the true elitists. It will take government intervention to improve our schools, create alternate fuel sources, retrain those who have suffered because of the deindustrialization of America and those who continue to be victimized by the war on drugs. It will take a government who is dedicated to the people who elected  it and not the corporate interests which have run amok since the Regan administration. China is nipping at our heals and the answer will no be to attack and kill Asian Americans like in the 1980’s. We  must create a better educated, independent country for everyone no matter what their ancestry. If we do not come together as a country we will no longer be the world power we love to brag about.


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