Bitter???? Barack Obama spoke the truth aka Welcome to Southern Illinois.

I have been laying off the news because it has been annoying me. I broke my fast today and came back to my addiction. I live in Southern Illinois. A place that has been decimated. The usable coal that was the main source of economic stability in this area has dried up. The manufacturing sector not exist any more. The biggest employer in this area is the prison system. The two other economic bulwarks in this area are a decaying state college and a health system that us getting too expensive for most of population to use. The farms are corporate ventures and some of the chemicals used by the dwindling family farms are ending up fueling meth labs. The smaller surrounding towns are in much worse shape. Meth is becoming the main economy in many of these places. Make no mistake, living in this area of the midwest can make you bitter, loosing your home, increasing crime, incarceration rates and drug addiction is making Southern Illinois bitter. This is Obama country and he is telling the truth.

Are the majority of mainstream Americans going to hide behind excessive patriotism and an out dated view that America only has one approved religion, gender, gun policy or ethnicity? I have a question. Can whites in this country admit that rural white communities in America are sliding into poverty at an alarming rate and African Americans and the other regular targets of disdain have nothing to do with it? We are suffering right along with you. Whether you have issues about religion and guns, the fact remains that another community of Americans have been written off by this government a position that African Americans are acutely aware of. African Americans did not dismantle the industrial economy of this country. We did not move jobs to other countries. We did not have a hand in on the meth epidemic that his tearing these rural communities apart. We do not hire immigrants because hiring Americans would effect the bottom line. We did not create the conditions are forcing people out of their homes. We did not approve NAFTA. We did not bankrupt family farms in the 1980’s and 90’s. Believe it or not we are not the cause of the recent increase in demand for welfare benefits. We are in a recession and we are all hurting. The world is slipping into a great food crisis that will is already touching our shore. Food and energy prices are already eating a bigger whole in our pockets. Either all Americans will rise to these challenges or we will all fall. These communities cannot deny that the American Dream is dissipating. America, love it or leave it will not solve the problems that poor whites are now sharing with an increasing proportion of African Americans.

I have many concerns, I will only list a few. We have to reinvest in this country and stop acting like people of color are draining America. Our public school systems is a international disgrace. There are not enough math and science teachers in America to educate our children. We have to educate our children, all children. If black and brown people students are subject to a segregated system with little resources, poor whites cannot be far behind. A lot of people who live in this area cannot afford college. Those in college are finding it harder to stay there, no matter what they look like. When I watch the local news criminal court cases are usually the lead story. It was not like that when I moved here. We have reinvest in our public infrastructure, the county roads in many areas are falling apart. We have to find a way to become energy independent in a manner that creates jobs. Call it global warming, the hole in the ozone layer or acid rain, I don’t care so can we come to some agreement that we are damaging our own ecosystem? The main fishing area in this area was used as a toxic waste dump. Martin Luther King Jr was loathed by mainstream America when he was assassinated. King was against the Vietnam War and working for economic opportunities for all in poverty through The Poor People’s Campaign. Can we pick up his banner, respecting the diversity and similarities of America in order to make this country greater?


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