Negro Intellegence = Negro Genitalia. Will this ever end??????

There are still scientists that believe that IQ tests are the only true measure of intelligence, therefore people of color have less brain power than whites. This racist pseudoscience has come up again. IQ tests are used to track black and hispanic/latinos students and used to place them in the largest classes ( up to 45 instead of 25 students) that have the least resources and the least experienced teachers. Malcolm Gladwell follows in footsteps of the late physicist Jay Stephen Jay Gould in debunking this white privilege garbage. You can reach the whole article on Gladwell’s book, None of the Above at

Excerpt from NONE OF THE ABOVE

James Watson, the co-discoverer of DNA, meant when he told an English newspaper recently that he was “inherently gloomy” about the prospects for Africa. From the perspective of an I.Q. fundamentalist, the fact that Africans score lower than Europeans on I.Q. tests suggests an ineradicable cognitive disability. In the controversy that followed, Watson was defended by the journalist William Saletan, in a three-part series for the online magazine Slate.

Drawing heavily on the work of J. Philippe Rushton—a psychologist who specializes in comparing the circumference of what he calls the Negroid brain with the length of the Negroid penis—Saletan took the fundamentalist position to its logical conclusion. To erase the difference between blacks and whites, Saletan wrote, would probably require vigorous interbreeding between the races, or some kind of corrective genetic engineering aimed at upgrading African stock.

“Economic and cultural theories have failed to explain most of the pattern,” Saletan declared, claiming to have been “soaking [his] head in each ‘s computations and arguments.” One argument that Saletan never soaked his head in, however, was Flynn’s, because what Flynn discovered in his mailbox upsets the certainties upon which I.Q. fundamentalism rests. If whatever the thing is that I.Q. tests measure can jump so much in a generation, it can’t be all that immutable and it doesn’t look all that innate.

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