“I’m not a Racist” Shuffle # 1 Geraldine Ferraro

Thanks to youtube I can now track the acceleration of bigoted comments in the media. The candidacy of Barack Obama has led to an increase in this behavior. The pattern is thus: An individual makes an astoundingly ignorant generalizations in an arrogant. self-important manner which makes its way to the media. The individual reacts immediately states “I’m not racist” and either attacks, minimizes, denies or apologizes for the comments. Usually the individual will make some kind convoluted statement in an attempt to explain the comment while their contemporaries and competitors make regular appearances in the media to denounce or support the comments. It is a big dance that never produces any meaningful discourse about racial/ethnic privilege and oppression After an appropriate period self-flagellation, bluster or silence the individual is accepted back into mainstream fold a little more careful about what they say or a little more angry about so called “political correctness”

I voted for this Geraldine Ferraro when I lived in New York. I anguished over the fact that she was treated like dirt when she ran for Vice President. I am no big fan of the Nation of Islam for several reasons. It is an extremely sexist institution and they no longer a relevant force in our communities. Lastly, as a person extremely proud of my Caribbean heritage, I don’t like the fact that Farrakhan has hid his background. Malcolm X was proud of his Grenadian backgroud why wasn’t it good  enough for Lou?

Most African Americans know that Louis Farrakhan time has come and gone. When was the last time you were were entreated to buy a Final Call or seen a bean pie stand much less a black Muslim restaurant? What happened to the Fruit of Islam patrols in the ‘hood? At this point in my life all the African American Muslims I know are Sunni or members of a sects that split off the Nation decades ago. New mosques are being built African immigrants, where are the new temples?

Farrakhan is paper tiger that was taken out of moth balls by the media when he endorsed Obama. Even though that man has not been in the public eye for years the mainstream loves to pull him out as evidence of “black racism.” Obama has to distance himself from the African American community and “transcend his race” to win the presidential nomination. I fear that Obama will not fulfill his promises around civil rights, educational and criminal justice reforms, even though other ethnic groups and white women could benefit from Obama’s civil rights and judical platforms, these reforms will be labeled “black.”He has had to “reject and denounce” Farrakhan over and over again while comments by bigoted harridans associated with Hillary Clinton’s campaign have been ignored or minimized. WTF???


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