A Global African American Woman

I am not from the Midwest, but the question of where I am from is pretty complicated. I have lived on two continents, three countries and five cities. I have a unique way of looking at African descended communities. My nuclear family were always taking about what Caribbean country would declare independence next. My mum was from Jamaica (independence 1962) dad was from Grenada (which became independent in 1974 and was Invaded by the US in 1983 ). My dad owned a black book shop.I was raised in England, Canada, and the Bronx. I crave real Philly cheesestakes.I am part in the first of hip hop generation and Jamaican enough to know that hip hop was not created in the United States. Nuff a that…. I just want folks to know why I have such a different view of race than mostly……. everybody. African descended cultures are my passion. As
Dr. Na’im Akbar  when he spoke at my university ….”just because I want better for mine, does not mean I hate you.”

Black is still beautiful but it is also incredibly diverse. You can be African American and live in Brazil or Alaska. The only thing we have in common is a culture based on the largest forced migration in written history. Coming from a close knit extended Caribbean family I never understood why I knew more of the history of United States Blacks than most born here.

From my prospective, If I don’t know where I have come from I can possibly know myself. I really think that that it is one of the keys to being liberated and actually know what is going on besides music. We have no communication system that goes between Africa, North and South American, the Caribbean and Europe, so we can’t really talk to each other. The internet was once hailed as a liberating force, but know I am now writing on a this site which is owned by the same folks who also owns BET and Fox News! Well I need to take a little of it back!


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